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When will season 3 come out?

Hello! I thought it would be a good idea to add updates about when season 3 is coming out to a certain section :). Do you have any details as to when it may be coming out? The Incomplete History of Secret Organizations book is coming out on October 30th I believe, and the Hot Topic clothing line is coming out in November. I saw some photos (blurry, but still) of the book on @cleverklaus 's instagram, and I saw some of the lyrics to the Grim Grotto theme song. Don't you think Netflix would release season 3 before spoiling the episodes? I'm just thinking that maybe season 3 is coming sooner than expected! Oh, and today (10/3/2018) @cleverklaus put something on their Instagram story saying that something unfortunate is coming in 10 days (10/13/2018). Maybe it's the season 3 teaser??? But I don't know for sure, just an idea :D

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Comes And Goes by Greg Laswell

Ok, so I found this song on YouTube and it's called Comes and Goes by Greg Laswell. For some reason, it REALLY reminded me of ASOUE so I want to know what u think.

This one's for the lonely (the Baudalaire fire)
The ones that seek and find (they find new gaurdians)
Only to be let down (Count Olaf kills gaurdian/exposed
Time after time.

This one's for the torn down
The experts at the fall (losing their gaurdians)
Come on friends get up now,
You're not alone at all (they meet the Quagmires)

And this part was for her (x2)
This part was for her (Dunclet and Kladora! 😃😍)
Does she remember?

It comes and goes in waves, (every time they think their guardian will protct them, they die)

This one's for the faithless
The ones that are suprised
They're only where they are now
Regardless of their fight (Cout Olaf found them, regardless of how hard they tried)

This one's for believing (they believed in each other)
If only for it's sake
Come on friends get up now,
Love is to be made

And this part was for her (x2)
This part was for her
Does she remember?

It comes and goes in waves,
Am only led to wonder, why (their dispair when Olaf finds them)
It comes and goes in waves
Am only led to wonder, why
Why I try.

This is for the ones that stand (them outsmarting Olaf every time)
For the ones that try again
For the ones that need a hand
For the ones that think they can

It comes and goes in waves
Am only led to wonder, why
It comes and goes in waves
Am only led to wonder, why
Why I try.

I stared at the ceiling for an hour after looking at the lyrics trying to convince myself that I'm not going crazy. Plz reply and vote what u think. Btw there's a video on YouTube on this is called The Baudalaires | Comes and Goes and the song itself is pretty good.
Is this a good therory?
  • Yes, you are smart
  • No, you are stupid
  • I don't know
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Season 2 finale first watch

That freaks song was catchy. What are people's favourite song from the show?
A Series of Unfortunate Events season 2 episodes 9 and 10 discussion: The Carnivorous Carnival parts one and two
A Series of Unfortunate Events season 2 episodes 9 and 10 discussion: The Carnivorous Carnival parts one and two Dexter Discuss
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Imagine if you were in Violet's place in the Hostile Hospital Saga (the TV series version)

If you were in the Heimlich Hospital and you got kidnapped by Dr. Mattathias Medicalschool (aka: Count Olaf) where he's going to operate on you by performing a "cranioectomy" (procedure in which the patient`s head is removed), what would you do?
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Season 2catch up

Question: Best disguise Olaf has used?

A Series of Unfortunate Events season 2 episodes 7 and 8 discussion: The Hostile Hospital parts 1 and 2.
A Series of Unfortunate Events season 2 episodes 7 and 8 discussion: The Hostile Hospital parts 1 and 2. Dexter Discuss
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Cathcing up with season 2

Am half way through S2 and I personally think that they have stepped up the craziness in abig way for the better. Is that the general consensus?
Catchup thoughts: https://dexterdiscuss.wordpress.com/2018/08/18/a-series-of-unfortunate-events-season-2-episode-5-and-6-discussion-the-vile-village-parts-1-and-2/
A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2 episode 5 and 6 discussion: The Vile Village parts 1 and 2
A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2 episode 5 and 6 discussion: The Vile Village parts 1 and 2 Dexter Discuss
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The End Ending

Idk about u guys, but I'm kinda curious about what happened to the Quagmires after the series. Plz reply any theories or anything.
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Cast of Season 3!!


Who do you guys think will be in season three? We already know that Beth Grant will play The Woman with Hair but no Beard, and that Dylan Kingwell will be Quigley Quagmire, but who will be Fiona? Who will be Dewey/ Ernest/ Frank? ( I think it'll be one actor for the three of them) Also, do you think Alison Williams is Kit?

This is my first discussion post by the way so I hope it goes well!
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Which character do you pity the most?

I honestly pity the Baudelaires the most but also Count Olaf. Most people hate him (he is a jerk, obviously but he still has a sad backstory)
so just wondering which character you pity most.
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Hello everyone! I was talking with Cressdarnelheronstairs13 on a separate post about fanfiction, and I thought it would be fun to share all of our fanfiction here! If you have any, please share it, I'd love to read it! Thanks!
Pssss.... Here's a Dylan Kingwell screenshot, just for fun 😂
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Denouement's Family?

Hello! I'm rereading the Penultimate Peril right now, and I just saw that Dewey says, "Triplets run in my family". Of course, that would mean that they have somewhat close relatives who are also triplets. A lot of times, as we've seen, members of VFD (whether fire fighting or fire starting) are related in some way. Originally, I wondered if they were related to the Quagmires. But as I started writing this, I began wondering if they were possibly related to the white faced women, since they are triplets as well. Hmm.... Just a thought I wanted to put out there. Maybe there are some possible relatives? I don't know... It's late and I'm thinking all sorts of strange thoughts, I'm sorry if this is a terribly strange post 😂
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Fanbased articles

There is a new template called Template:Fanbased which you can use to inform people that it is a fan theory, instead of having to delete the entire article. What do you think of it?
Is it nice?
  • Good
  • Bad
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Favorite Quagmire

Quigley's my favorite, and I've always loved Isadora, but I've only recently begun to truly appreciate Duncan. Who's your favorite?
Who's your favorite Quagmire triplet?
  • Quigley
  • Duncan
  • Isadora
  • Quigcandora? I can't pick XD
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The Greatest Showman + The Great Unknown

I don't know why I'm posting this, but I wanted to put this out there, to see if anyone else thought about this...
I watched The Greatest Showman for the first time last month. It was wonderful. I loved all of the music. Anyway, one of the songs is called Tightrope. One of the lyrics says:
"I'd follow you into the Great Unknown"
If you watched The Greatest Showman, did you think of ASOUE when you heard that line? I can't listen to that part without thinking of the Baudelaires and the Quagmires. Maybe it was because I first watched The Greatest Showman after watching The Austere Academy on Netflix? Maybe it's because I am hopelessly addicted to ASOUE, and that's all I think about when doing anything? I don't know.
Anywho, this is a terribly long post talking about a short line, but whatever. Did you think about ASOUE when you heard that?
Did you think about ASOUE when hearing that song?
  • Not until now!
  • That's a silly thing to think, it's just a line from a song.
  • I haven't seen The Greatest Showman. I'm too busy watching ASOUE
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Count Olaf

Which Count Olaf is the Best?
  • Jim Carrey
  • Neil Patrick Harris
  • Neither, Count Olaf in the books was best.
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Hi! It's quite sad to know that Season 3 likely won't come for a long while, perhaps early spring of 2019? Until then, I'd like to know what you expect to see in Season 3! What are your ideas about what might happen?
I did read that TSS, TGG, and TPP will have two episodes each, but The End will be just one episode.
Just a note of caution to those of you have only seen the series, I have read all the books, so I do know all the spoilers for Season 3, unless Netflix decides to add things that weren't in the books.
For The Slippery Slope, I am very excited for what will happen! That is my favorite book of the series! SPOILER ALERT----- DO NOT READ IF YOU DONT WANT MAJOR SPOILERS
I am really looking forward to seeing Quigley and Violet together in these episodes! I liked how, in the books, Lemony Snicket gave them privacy when they were sitting on the slope, even though we all knew they kissed. Will Netflix give them privacy for the show? Or will there be a really sappy kiss scene? What do you think? I'm not sure which I would prefer. It's hard to say. I'm not sure I would like something sappy, but I suppose I would allow a simple kiss. I do look forward to seeing them walking up the slope, likely giggling, with small, secret smiles on their faces. I wonder how Sunny will fit into a casserole dish, considering how much she's grown! That will be so funny to see! For a few chapters, it was mostly focused on Violet and Quigley, so I wonder if Klaus will just be treated like a third wheel.
For the Grim Grotto, I will feel very sad for Klaus, since I know how Fiona will break his heart. Oh, it will be so sad! How will Sunny fit into a helmet? Will they have to use the "jelly baby"? Probably. I'm SO excited to see Sunny's character development this season!
For the Penultimite Peril, I am looking forward to seeing old characters, it's like a reunion! Especially Justice Strauss. I wonder if we'll see the other Quagmires this season, though I don't expect it... I'm just thrilled about seeing Kit Snicket. I already know that she will be AMAZING.
For The End, I read that it's supposed to be profoundly emotional. SPOILER ALERT---- DO NOT READ IF YOU DONT WANT EVEN MORE MAJOR SPOILERS THAN THE LAST ONE
In the books, they were able to make even Count Olaf's death extremely saddening, I felt so bad for him. Will they be able to in the show? Hmm.... I wonder who will play Friday. It's disappointing that this episode will be shorter than all the others. This season will be the shortest of all, with just 7 episodes. I will definitely cry when this episode ends, considering there will never be any more episodes. All VFD members will be left to wallow in self pity. It truly is A Series of Unfortunate Events, isn't it?
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Hey! I just finished rereading The Grim Grotto the other day. It's been a year since I last read it, and I kind of forgot a lot of the details. Now that my memory has been refreshed, I have to say that I am FURIOUS at Fiona. I really don't like her AT ALL! First, I was thinking, "Oh, I remember hating Fiona, but she's actually not all that bad!". Well that changed. What kind of person breaks Klaus Baudelaire's heart, abandons Violet, Klaus, and Sunny to join the horrible man trying to steal their fortune and murder them, and when she says goodbye, tells them to think of her when they're eating a food they enjoy very much??????!?!?! I don't even understand her.
Anyway, I want your opinion on Fiona. Am I completely wrong? Am I missing something? Do you agree with me? Let me know. Thanks!
What's your opinion of Fiona?
  • She is a horrible person who broke Klaus's heart.
  • She's really sweet, she just wanted to join her brother Fernald!
  • I don't really care for Fiona, I don't hate her, but I don't love her.
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ASOUE nominated for an Emmy

So the 2018 Emmy nominations came out a while back and ASOUE has been Nominated for Outstanding Children's Program.

The Nominees are:
-A series of Unfortunate events
-Alexa & Katie
-Fuller House
-Star Wars Rebels
-The Magical Wand Chase: A Sesame Street Special

I think that ASOUE has a good chance of winning the Emmy!!! What do you guys think?
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Snicket Family

So in the Snicket Autobiography, there's a family tree at the back. A, B, C are all siblings with C being Charles Snicket. He then when on to father three children D, E, F with E then going on to parent J, K, L who is assumed to be Jacques, Kit and Lemony. However, we know Lemony's fathers name was Jacob making E his mother and Jacob taking her last name. UNLESS, this is actually further generations back. I had another point here but I then realised I'm stupid and the point was invalid.
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