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22nd June 2002

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"There are people who spend hours sorting out the mysteries of all things Snicket, on the web discussion site 667 Dark Avenue (named for the apartment building in 'The Ersatz Elevator')."
—Chicago Tribune, October 26, 2012

667 Dark Avenue is a forum community of Lemony Snicket lovers who spend their time trying to solve Snicket's mysteries, located here.

The forum was founded on June 22, 2002 by Tragedy and currently has a total of 7,612 members.[1] 667 Dark Avenue will celebrate its 15 year anniversary on the June 22, 2017.

Website history

Main article: 667 Dark Avenue: Noble Enough - Event Timeline

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  • Due to the increase in large signatures, the 667 staff have come to a decision to impose new signature size rules. The new size limit for signatures is 9cm's in height and 19cm's in length (See here or click link in important threads section above). This rule has been in action since Febuary 6th, 2012.

Member profiles

Each member has their own profile which is used to identify them on the website. A member profile records various statistics such as rank, posts, join date, location, e-mail and gender (although personal information can be hidden for privacy if needed.)

Usernames and Display names

Each member must have a unique username to sign in to the forum with, allowing them to comment on threads and message other members. A member chooses their user name when registering for a profile on the forum. This acts as an online identity for the member without having to give out personal information, such as a real name, on the internet. If a member wishes, they can change their 'Display Name' to what ever they desire (If inappropriate a moderator can change it). If you change your display name however, that does not mean your user name will be any different. You will still have to log in with your user name, not your display name.

Proboards Avatar

Fig. 1


An avatar is a picture used to help identify a member on the forum, although you do not need to add one if you do not wish to. An avatar is displayed next to the member's user name and rank on there profile page and also appears next to anything you post on the forum. A member can use a number of things as their avatar to show off their personality. There are three types of Avatars you can have. You can choose from a variety of default avatars that are already on 667, or you can upload any image you desire. To do this you must go into the 'Avatar' section while editing your profile and click on the text on the right that says 'Upload or Link your own avatar image'. You can upload an image from your file by clicking the 'Select Image' button or copy the image you want's URL and paste it in the box labelled 'Link Image'. Also try and get an image that is already square so that it fits into the avaliable space making te image bigger and easilier to see. The third option is to create your own personalised avatar which you can customise at any desired interval. If you have uploaded an image and created a personalised avatar, you can make them overlap (See Fig. 1) and make this as your avatar.


A signature is one of the numerous ways members can express themselves at 667 Dark Avenue. It is important that a member uses their signature to show something about themselves that makes them unique. For example, they may use a poem to express their creativity or a banner to show their drawing or internet related skills. A member may simply put a quote that they find interesting, a link to their webpage, or just some information about themselves. It is compulsory that if a member uses anything created by someone other than themselves that they get permission from said person. A member's signature is displayed below each post that the they make. If a member wins Member of the Month/Year or they win a Darkies Award then they will recieve a banner made by another member for the person who won to put in there signature.

Ranking System

Below each member's name there is an alliterated title with an accompanying row of stars. This is the rank of the member, which reflects the amount of posts made. Once a member makes a certain number of posts their title and their row of stars, automatically change. When a user reaches 6670 posts, an admin or a moderator will create a custom title (Of the members choice) for them. Below is a list of the ranks and the number of posts needed before their title can change.

  • Nasty Newcomer, 0-9 posts 

Rank One on 667

  • Reptile Researcher, 10-49 posts
  • Catastrophic Captain, 50-99 posts
  • Formidable Foreman, 100-199 posts
  • Pessimistic Professor, 200-299 posts
  • Devious Doorman, 300-399 posts
    Rank 13

    To be Definitely Doomed is to be a true volunteer

  • Vindictive Villager, 400-499 posts
  • Splenetic Surgeon, 500-999 posts
  • False Fortune-Teller, 1,000-1,999 posts
  • Xenial Xylophone, 2,000-2,999 posts
  • Miserable Mariner, 3,000-3,999 posts
  • Corrupt Concierge, 4,000-4,999 posts
  • Definitely Doomed, 5,000-6,669 posts
  • Custom Title, 6670+

The Boards

The Antagonistic Affairs

       Alarming Annoucements,

Annoucements, Warnings, Contests, etc.

       Foreboding Feedback

Suggestions, Complaints and Questions.

       Gruesome Greetings

New Members can introduce themselves here, and old members can bud us farewell.

       2013 Darkies

The Ravaged Resources

       Dastardly Documents

A vault of valuable Lemony Snicket-related articles and reports. Read only.

       Conflicting Conjectures

A compilation of only the most well-explained, fully conceived theories.

       Lemony Links

Please visit our appalling affiliates.

The Burdensome Books

      Wretchedly Wrong Questions

Anxiously analyse All The Wrong Questions, Lemony Snicket's ongoing prequel to ASoUE.

      Sardonic Series

Discuss anything dealing with ASoUE. Post theories and ideas

The Trouble Begins

The Situation Worsens

The Dilemma Deepens

The Gloom Looms

The End

Anguised Appendices

      Cheerless Characters

Dedicated to all the character from ASoUE, from Count Olaf's theater troupe to the Baudelaires.

      Perilous Places

Exchange information on any location in the Series.

      Weary Writer

Come here to discuss Lemony Snicket, Daniel Handler or any other laughing God involved in the Series.

The Malignant Merchandise

      Putrid Products

Discuss items such as the ASoUE calender(s), the magic 8-ball and e-bay autions for ASoUE merchandise

      Miserable Movie

Dediated to the 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' movie, movie items and movie news

      Wistful Web

Links to websites, wallpaper/screensavers and online games. ASoUE related sites only.

The Forsaken Fan-Work

      Aggravating Art

Post your ASoUE pictures and sketches here. Also, this is the best place for Helquist/Seth-worshipping.

      Fearsom Fiction

Post your prized stories or Snicket fan-fictions here

      Relentless RPGS

Form in-site fan clubs and create ASoUE Role Playing Games here.

The Objectionable Others

      Menacing Miscellaneous

Discuss Non-ASoUE topics. Chat, get to know each other, and discuss random things. (Double posting allowed)

Disturbing Discussion

This is a section for serious discussion such as politics.

      Leering Literature

General book-talk, including sub-sections for Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

Horrible Harry Potter                                                                                                                                General discussion of Harry Potter. 

Lousy Lord of the Rings                                                                                                                              Board for discussion of the series by J.R.R. Tolkien.

      Our Wicked World

Discuss television, movies, video games, sports, music etc. 

      Chaotic Creativity

Post your artwork, writings, poems and so on that are unrelated to ASoUE.

      Ghastly Games

Post your trivia games, roleplay games, word games, personality games, chain games and game shows here.

The Ruefully Restricted

      Misinformed Moderation

For Admin and Mod discussion only. No access to the general public.

      Awfully Ancient Archives

This is where old topics are moved to.

Staff Members (Moderators)

Emma Squalor
Sherry Ann


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Most users online: 196 (3 June 2013 at 5:56am)

Member of the Year


"Congratulations, Dante! You're an enormous asset to the forum, and I hope we can enjoy your company for years to come.

Congratulations also to the runner-up, Linda. We're quite lucky to have you both."

~Sherry Ann (Moderator)

Member of the Month

April 2013

"This month's member of the month is Ernist. Let's congratulate for him outstanding contributions to 667!

The Member of the Month is chosen on the basis of courtesy, achievement, friendliness, activity, uniqueness, ingenuity and much more. They are nominated and voted apon by some of the board moderators.



2013 Darkies Awards

Moderator: Anka Anwhistle

These are the nominations and winners for all the Darkies catergories.

Best Thread

Voting finished, see here

And the Winner is INCOMING FILE FROM MR. SNICKET STOP. by Dante! Congratulations!

Presented by Bee. Click here to see the speech.

The Newspapers

The 667er (Revived), Edition III

The 667er (Revived), Edition IV

By Charlie Snicket

The Daily Punctilio, First Issue

The Daily Punctilio, Spring 2013 (Coming Soon)

By MisterM


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