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A Series of
Unfortunate Items
A Series of Unfortunate Items
Key crew
Publisher: Netflix
Release details
Season/series: Season 1
Premiere network: YouTube
Release date: January 10, 2017
Format: 1.5 minutes
A Series of Unfortunate Events
Full video
Netflix presents A Series of Unfortunate Items01:34

Netflix presents A Series of Unfortunate Items

Behind the scenes video
The Unfortunate Making of A Series of Unfortunate Items01:31

The Unfortunate Making of A Series of Unfortunate Items

Netflix presents A Series of Unfortunate Items, or simply A Series of Unfortunate Items, was a short video released by Netflix on YouTube, advertising the upcoming first season of A Series of Unfortunate Events, three days before it came out.

This video featured 13 items linked with bad luck and misfortune around the world.

Official synopsis

It is with much remorse that we present to you a collection of 13 unlucky items from all over the world. If you can spot all 13 of them, that can only mean that you have an eye for the unfortunate and are therefore doomed to see them everywhere you go.

This experience is much like what the innocent Baudelaire orphans have to go through at the hands of the most unfortunate item of them all -- their evil guardian Count Olaf.

Watch their abject misery on A Series of Unfortunate Events, a Netflix Original Series, which premieres on the most unlucky day of the year January 13, 2017. (That's a Friday, of course.)


Someone lights three tall candles with one match, lightly pushing the lever it sits on. At its other end, a wooden hand pushes a saucer into a spinning motion...

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13 items

1. Three on a match

From the Crimean War to World War II, the belief was that if three soldiers lit their cigarettes from the same match, the third on the match would be shot.

2. Vertical chopsticks

  • Chopsticks sticking upwards in a bowl is unlucky in Chinese culture.
This is because a bowl of rice is offered to the spirit of the deceased, as well as on their deathbed.

3. Spilling salt

This may be because salt was once a valuable commodity, or it may be linked to any number of things salt represented at the time, like friendship, sanctity and trust.

4. Sungka indoors

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13. Friday the 13th

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