An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. Throughout the series, anagrams are often used to hide identities and send coded messages.

List of Used Anagrams

Anagrams of Lemony Snicket

Anangrams of Count Olaf

  • (Playwright) Al Funcoot[4]
  • (Doctor) O. Lucafont[5]
  • (Foreman) Flacutono[6]
  • (Nurses) Tocuna & Flo[3]

Patients in Heimlich Hospital

  • Al Brisnow - Lisa Brown[3]
  • Carrie E. Abelabudite - Beatrice Baudelaire[3]
  • Eriq Bluthetts - Brett Helquist[3]
  • Lisa N. Lootnday - Alison Donalty[3]
  • Linda Rhaldeen - Daniel Handler[3]
  • Laura V. Bleediotie - Violet Baudelaire[3]
  • Monty Kensicle - Lemony Snicket[3]
  • Ned H. Rirger - Red Herring[3]
  • Ruth Dercroump - Rupert Murdoch, also Torch Up Murder[3]


  • (Author) Tony "Mommy" Eggmonteror - Montgomery Montgomery[5]
  • (Author) Lena Pukalie - Pauline Kael[7]
  • (Illustrator) Beth Quiltrest - Brett Helquist[7]
  • (Shirley) T. Sinoit-Pécer - Receptionist[7]
  • (Occupation) Baticeer - Beatrice[8]
  • Beatrice Sank - Brae A Snicket (From The Beatrice Letters)


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