Biographical information

Murdered by Count Olaf, who threw her from atop of a building. (Possibly)[1]

Physical description



Head of Human Resources


Babs was the Head of Human Resources at Heimlich Hospital. She was never seen and communicated through the hospital's intercom system, due to her belief that "adults should be heard and not seen." Conversely, she believes that children should be seen and not heard, as she informs the Baudelaire children.

She was later murdered by Count Olaf, who threw her off a rooftop, claiming she had quit her job to pursue her dream as a stuntwoman. Count Olaf took her place as a man named Mattathias.

In Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography, Babs writes a letter to Hal instructing him to file a collection of papers in the Baudelaire file. The papers in question are rejected opening lines to The Bad Beginning.


  • Her behavior is an allusion to the singer Barbra Streisand (whose nickname is Babs), who sang on the radio. As a result, few persons knew her face, but her voice became quite famous.



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