Baudelaire Mansion
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The City


Bertrand Baudelaire
Beatrice Baudelaire
Violet Baudelaire
Klaus Baudelaire
Sunny Baudelaire

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Baudelaire family




Burned down, possibly due to arson

The Baudelaire Mansion was the original home of the Baudelaire family, but was burned to the ground at the onset of The Bad Beginning.

The fire apparently killed Beatrice Baudelaire and Bertrand Baudelaire, although oddly enough, no mention of their bodies is found, leading the Baudelaires to suspect that one of their parents may be alive. There is also a theory that Beatrice survived the fire and later died somewhere else, but this has never been confirmed.

Count Olaf, the main antagonist in Lemony Snicket's novels, was believed to be the arsonist that burnt down the Baudelaire Mansion although he will not admit to it as quoted in The End. Although the film strongly implies he did it with a device that can set fire from a distance, this device is exclusive to this adaptation and canon.


The Baudelaire home was an expensive property most noted for its large private library that held "books on every subject". As mentioned in The Grim Grotto, in the library, there was once a group of books that Mr. and Mrs. Baudelaire kept on the top shelf that included an atlas, romance books, and war books. When Klaus, at a young age, managed to get the atlas from the top, but was ruined when he and Violet left the window opened and rain came in. Their mother said the atlas was "irreplaceable."

The property contained a secret passageway leading to the penthouse apartment of Jerome and Esmé Squalor667 Dark Avenue. The purpose of this passageway was to direct members of V.F.D. to a safe place before the schism. This passage is the reason why Jacques Snicket had urged Jerome Squalor to buy the penthouse at 667 Dark Avenue. The special "emerald lumber" used to build the mansion was supplied by the Lucky Smells Lumbermill.[1]


A Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix Kitchen Baudelaire's Flaming Mansion Netflix

A Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix Kitchen Baudelaire's Flaming Mansion Netflix

The mansion burning.

  • The creators of the TV series once made a mini-version of the mansion and set it on fire.

WARNING: The following information is not considered canon.

  • In the film, the Baudelaire Mansion is situated at 28 Prospero Place, Boston, Massachusetts.
    • There is a street in Herriman, Utah named "Prospero Lane", with a cul de sac branching from it named "Prospero Court"
    • The street name "Prospero" is likely a reference to the V.F.D. ship of the same name.






TV series

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