Café Salmonella
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  • Restaurant

The Café Salmonella is a seafood diner, serving only salmon-based dishes and with salmon decorations. It is located in the Fish District in the City, near 667 Dark Avenue.

In The Ersatz Elevator, Esmé Squalor tells the children it is very in because it serves salmon. Esmé tells the Baudelaires that they, apparently, do not let you in if you are not wearing pin stripe suits, at the time The Ersatz Elevator takes place. Jerome Squalor despises the restaurant, as he tells the Baudelaires during their meal.


Known dishes are salmon soup, salmon salad, broiled salmon served with salmon ravioli in a salmon butter sauce, and salmon pie with a scoop of salmon ice cream. Instead of ice served in drinks, frozen chunks of salmon are used.

The interior is decorated with salmon pictures. The tables were decorated with vases full of salmon, instead of flowers. All of the waiters wear salmon costumes which made it difficult for them to carry plates and trays.

Secret activity

Café Salmonella captured the V.F.D. salmon from the Voluntary Fish Domestication program.[1][2] Kit Snicket and her brothers fought against the restaurant after it wiped out the fleet of V.F.D. salmon.

Many of the restaurant's waiters were traitors to V.F.D. Waiters from the diner were also present at the In Auction and served salmon puffs, hinting at something secretive.



  • Salmonella is also likely a reference to the infectious disease often found in contaminated food.