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Captain Julio Sham is a V.F.D. disguise.



Count Olaf's disguise in The Wide Window, the third book in A Series of Unfortunate Events. With the disguise, he was able to woo Aunt Josephine at a local grocery store in the town of Lake Lachrymose when Violet, Klaus, and Sunny were staying with her at her home. He later told Aunt Josephine by phone that he was really Count Olaf, and that she had to write out a will leaving him the children and promptly disappear.

He was able to utilize an eye patch to hide his eyebrow and a hinged peg leg to hide his tattoo. Olaf was aided by The Enormous Androgynous Person who guarded Captain Sham's Sailboat Rentals. He was later uncovered when Sunny used her four sharp teeth to bite his peg leg.

It could have been used by Jacques Snicket when he captains the Prospero.




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