Hidden categories are categories which have been put into a special place with the category box at the bottom of pages. They are called "hidden" because the default condition of Special:Preferences is to exclude them from the category box.

IP users, in particular, have no way of seeing these categories, so they are actually hidden from the casual user of the site. Registered users must actively check a box at Special:Preferences/Under the hood in order to see them. Even when a user chooses to make them visible, they're still marked as "hidden", allowing the more advanced editor to easily control what the "average" user of the site can see, through the placement of the {{hidecat}} template.

In general, categories should not be hidden. However, there are some cases where it's justified. We don't necessarily want to advertise our maintenance categories to the readers of the site, so most of these categories are hidden. Also there are some instances where categories have been created expressly for the use of achievements. We likewise cover these up.

This is a hidden category.

Users cannot see it by default. In order to see it on pages where it has been placed, users must click an option in Special:Preferences.

In general, categories should not be hidden. However, in the case of categories which are created solely for use with advanced coding functions like DPL, or when they have been created in order to facilitate achievements, it can be useful to hide them.

Please do not remove this message from this page without discussion in the forums.


This category has the following 16 subcategories, out of 16 total.

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