Templates deliberately classified as "unknown" refers to those templates which we class as "unknown" here at the Snicket Wiki, even though there may be other types that would fit it better. Some of these are actually "notices" in Wikia's scheme of template classifications.

Everything here, we want to appear on pages, even on mobile screens. Thus, we class them as "unknown" to effectively bend the classification system to our will.

{{Dedication}} is in this category, for example, despite truly being a "quote" template, because the mobile skin misreads "To Beatrice—" as the source of the quote, and places it at the bottom, rather than the top, of the template.

Note that we don't do this for every kind of notice that looks like the ones below. Sometimes we want notices and other templates to disappear when not viewed on the desktop. Stubs don't need to be visible to mobile viewers, for example. This is because editing from mobile device is a fairly rare occurrence, and we're happy enough to hide the stub templates from the mobile audience that is by and large just reading our articles — not editing them.

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