Cleo Knight is a character in the series All the Wrong Questions. She is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Knight, and the only granddaughter of Ingrid Nummet Knight (the founder of Ink Inc.)

She is a brilliant chemist and is very close to her identical twin housekeepers, Zada and Zora. She also owns a fancy car called Dilemma. She is working on a formula to make invisible ink in hopes of restoring Stain'd-by-the-Sea to its former self.


Lemony Snicket first finds out about her when he and his chaperone, S. Theodora Markson is hired to find her. After receiving clues that would indicate that she ran away from home and joined the circus, Snicket and Markson begin to track clues that led him to Ellington Feint, disguised, of course, as Cleo Knight, in an attempt to learn the whereabouts of her missing father, Armstrong Feint, whom she believes is being held captive by the villain Hangfire.