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Possible picture of Count Olaf's parents from his tower.

In The Penultimate Peril, Olaf tells the Baudelaire children that his parents were killed by poison darts,[1] suspected to be either The Baudelaire Parents or Kit Snicket who killed them.

Much earlier in the book, Kit Snicket tells the Baudelaires that during intermission she followed them to the snack bar and slipped them a box of poison darts before Esmé Squalor could catch her.

A while before the Vernacularly Fastened Door was opened, Olaf told the Baudelaires to ask Dewey Denouement about their parents, a particular night to the opera (La Forza del Destino), and a box of poison darts. The details of this are still unclear, but it implies the Baudelaire parents (Beatrice and Bertrand) killed Olaf's parents.[2] Point 9 of 13 Shocking Secrets You'll Wish You Never Knew About Lemony Snicket mentions Lemony Snicket helped Beatrice commit a serious crime. SO, this could be referencing Lemony and Beatrice stealing the sugar bowl. Why Beatrice, Bertrand and Lemony would kill Olaf's parents is unknown, but it may explain how Beatrice and Bertrand got the Baudelaire fortune. It would explain why Olaf is a financially poor Count, a title usually applied to royal/rich people. It would also explain much of Olaf's motives.

Whether Lemony or Jacques Snicket knew of their sister taking a box of poison darts to the Opera to allow Beatrice and Bertrand to kill Olaf's parents is unknown; though, given that Lemony loved Beatrice, we can assume he would have interfered if he had known.



  1. This was the second phrase in the key to unlock the Vernacularly Fastened Door to the laundry room: the weapon that made Olaf an orphan.
  2. The Penultimate Peril