Frank and Ernest get all the attention. They get to walk around the hotel managing everything, while I just hide in the shadows and wind the clock.
— Dewey to the Baudelaires

Dewey Denouement was a sub-sub-librarian whom the Baudelaires met during their stay at the Hotel Denouement. He allows the Baudelaires to come and work at the hotel. He is the eleventh guardian of the Baudelaires.


Dewey was a triplet brother to Frank and Ernest Denouement, and one of the founders of the Hotel Denouement.

Like Kit Snicket (and Jacques Snicket), Dewey was four years old when The Schism began. On the night his parents were hanging balloons for the triplet's fifth birthday, Dewey and his brothers were taken by V.F.D. The woman driving the car took the Denouement brothers to the mountain headquarters to begin their V.F.D. training.

Dewey reveals that the same night he and his brothers were recruited, their parents perished in a fire that destroyed the family home. It is strongly implied that Count Olaf was responsible for the fire.

In his library, located under Hotel Denouement's pond, he was building a catalog of evidence to be used against every villain. He also hid the Sugar Bowl there, so that Count Olaf could not find it. His catalog was, as he called it, his life's work and he died among all his hard work as he drowned.

Dewey may have been in a relationship with, and was possibly married to Kit Snicket. He is theorized by fans to be the father of Beatrice Snicket.

The Penultimate Peril

When Count Olaf confronted him, Dewey did not reveal the location of the sugar bowl. He gave three hints to the lock combinations to the laundry room as proof that the sugar bowl was not there.

Unfortunately, after police arrived, Count Olaf thrust his harpoon gun into the Baudelaires' arms, who dropped it and accidentally set it off, sending the harpoon through Dewey's stomach. Dewey reassured the Baudelaires that it was not their fault and whispered "Kit" before sinking completely into the pond concealing the real Hotel.


  • Frank, Ernest, and Dewey's surname, Denouement, is a reference to the literary term dénouement, which refers to action that takes place between the falling action and the resolution of a plot.
  • Dewey's name is a reference to the Dewey Decimal System, on which the entire hotel is organized.
  • Dewey said that his favorite section in the Dewey Decimal System was "020," which is "Library & information sciences".
  • Dewey tells Kevin that he is ambidextrous himself. Frank and Ernest are likely ambidextrous as well.