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Dr. Orwell's office

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Dr. Orwell's Office
Location Information


Owned By

Georgina Orwell


V.F.D. (formerly)




Abandoned due to the death of Dr. Orwell.

Dr. Orwell's Office, located near Lucky Smells Lumbermill in Paltryville, was owned by Dr. Georgina Orwell. The building was built in the shape of an eye. Count Olaf, disguised as "Shirley" worked here as a secretary, and each time Klaus broke his glasses, he came to this office, where he was hypnotized by Dr. Orwell.

The office still remains abandoned, even when Lemony Snicket does his research.

Behind the scenes

  • Dr. Orwell's Office is designed to resemble an eye, which, in addition to referencing V.F.D., is a likely allusion to Big Brother, who is proverbially "watching" at all times.
  • The final illustration of The Wide Window shows a sign shaped like a pair of eyes looking through eyeglasses similar to the sign suspended above the door to Dr. Orwell's office. This sign is reminiscent of the billboard of Dr. T. J. Eckleburg in F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby.




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