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Henchperson of Indeterminate Gender
Biographical information

In the Heimlich Hospital fire[1]


The Big One[4]
The one that looks like neither a man or a woman
Enormous androgynous person

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Skin color





Count Olaf


The Henchperson of Indeterminate Gender, also called the "Enormous Androgynous Person", and called "Orlando" by Sunny Baudelaire, is a huge individual that looks like neither a woman nor a man. Their first appearance was in The Bad Beginning as one of Count Olaf's henchpersons. They never seem to speak, though they have laughed and made grunts and squeals. In the movie, they are referred to as 'Liza'. Sunny's description of the henchperson as 'Orlando' is a direct reference to a novel of the same name written by Virginia Woolf, in which the titular character changes gender several times.

They will be played by Matty Cardarople in the Netflix series, and are portrayed by Craig Ferguson in the movie.


In the Books

They were part of Count Olaf's theatre troupe. They were one of the eleven people that the Baudelaires served dinner, and watched Olaf strike Klaus across the face. Later, they guarded Captain Sham's Sailboat Rentals and tried to stop the Baudelaires, but failed.[5] They were disguised as a security guard at Heimlich Hospital, and subsequently died in the fire that destroyed the building. Klaus finds them the scariest in Olaf's troupe.[source needed]

Behind the scenes

2003 film

Like in the books, they are among Count Olaf's troupe when they arrive at his house, While the Baudelaires cook dinner, they sit with Olaf's troupe while waiting. They wear a brown dress, have curly hair, and carry a half empty beer bottle, and do not speak. They then watche as Olaf strikes Klaus. During the Marvellous Marriage, they walk Violet over to Count Olaf. They wear half of a suit and half of a dress, and wear half a fake moustache. In the end they are likely arrested with Olaf.




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