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"When the time comes, I believe Count Olaf just might leave you to me. So if I were you, I’d start acting a little nicer. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to fetch your poor orphan siblings."
—Fernald to Klaus Baudelaire

Fernald, better known as The Hook-Handed Man, was one of the original members of Count Olaf's theatre troupe.


Before The Schism, Fernald studied poetry with Captain Widdershins. According to his sister Fiona, he always carried a deck of cards to prevent boredom, and he even created a game called "Fernald's Folly" that the siblings played together whenever they had a long wait.

Fernald was a Volunteer, but he had a genuine dislike of Captain Widdershins and became so fed up with his bossy ways and constant "Aye!"s, that he left the Fire-Fighting Side of V.F.D. to join Count Olaf's Theater Troupe.

According to a Daily Punctilio article entitled "Verifying Fernald's Defection," written by Jacques Snicket, Fernald was responsible for burning down Anwhistle Aquatics, and possibly for the murder of Gregor Anwhistle. While working with Olaf, he also burned down Caligari Carnival.

In The Grim Grotto, Fernald convinces his sister Fiona to join Count Olaf, and, in The End, Kit Snicket mentions that the two siblings returned to the Fire-Fighting Side of V.F.D, but he and Fiona were possibly sucked in by the Great Unknown. How he lost his hands is not known.

Behind the scenes

  • In the film, he is portrayed by Jamie Harris.
  • In the video game, he is voiced by Jay Gordon.
  • In the TV series, he is portrayed by Usman Ally.


  • In The Carnivorous Carnival, Fernald was mistaken for a freak twice: the first time in the House of Freaks and the second time during the lion show. Apparently, Fernald's hooks make him look "freakish," and the man with pimples all over his chin said the mistake would not have been made if Fernald bought a pair of realistic hands.
  • There is a theory that Mrs. Widdershins and Miranda Caliban are the same, meaning Friday would be Fernald's sister or half-sister. Fiona/Friday/Fernald are all F-names.
  • He is the last remaining original member of Count Olaf's troupe.





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