The Fountain of Victorious Finance is a fountain located in the banking district of the city.


Years before the Baudelarie's were born, Kit and Lemony Snicket were assigned to go down the fountain (which is currently in construction) to tunnel underneath a mueseum to an articfact back in its rightful place.

Before the death of the parents,on "an unususally hot autumn",  the Baudelaire family went to the banking district. where Beartice had buissness to do. When Sunny became very cranky by the heat, Mr. Baudelaire puts her in the fountain which made her laugh with joy. This caused Violet, Klaus, their father, and their mother (who had received a weather report and a naval map that had invisible ink) to join in the fountain (with some incredulous looks from bankers who were passing by)

After the destruction of the Libary of Records in Heimlich Hospital, Dr. Montgomery's House, and archives of The Daily Punctilio in Paltryville;  Kit Snicket waded in the fountain, looking for any newspaper that might have survived.



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