The world is quiet here.
— Gustav, before his death in the TV series

Gustav Sebald was a film director who hid secret codes in his subtitles, a member of V.F.D. and the creator of the Sebald Code.[1] He was also Montgomery Montgomery's former assistant.


Little is known about Gustav's background. He was a prominent filmmaker in V.F.D. and has a sister named Sally Sebald.

In When Did You See her Last?, Captain Widdershins mentions that Gustav has a fondness for caviar.


Gustav Sebald invented the Sebald Code, a code used widely by V.F.D. members in their correspondence.

In The Reptile Room, Gustav was mentioned to be the assistant of Montgomery Montgomery. He was mentioned to have suddenly and suspiciously resigned by Count Olaf in the alias of Stephano. This was a cover-up by Count Olaf who killed Gustav via harpoon gun.

Gustav's sister Sally Sebald is managing her late brother's estate.


Gustav's films contain secret messages intended for V.F.D. agents. A crucial scene in Zombies in the Snow contained a hidden warning to Montgomery Montgomery that his new assistant Stephano was an enemy. The message also instructed him to bring the Baudelaires to the town featured in the film. It is revealed that Monty did not know the Sebald Code and therefore did not receive Gustav's message.

List of Films

  • Ghosts in the Desert
  • Goblins in the Garden
  • Mummies in the Jungle
  • Lions in the Mountains
  • Vampires in the Retirement Community
  • Leeches in the Lake
  • Werewolves in the Rain
  • Surgeons in the Theatre
  • Gorillas in the Fog
  • Bats in the Train Station
  • Ants in the Fruit Salad
  • Zombies in the Snow
  • Hypnotists in the Office
  • Bigfoot in the Mall
  • Alligators in the Sewer
  • Realtors in the Cave
  • The Littlest Elf[1]


Gustav Sebald appears in the film portrayed by John Dexter. In the film, he was briefly seen having been strapped to the front of a train by Count Olaf.

Gustav death

Gustav holding the poison dart that killed him before his death.

Gustav Sebald appears in the TV series portrayed by Luke Camilleri. In the first two episodes, Gustav appears as an adult man working with Jacquelyn to watch over the Baudelaire orphans, as well as communicating with Montgomery Montgomery through a coded film. He is murdered by Count Olaf, who shoots him with a tranquilizer dart, causing him to fall into a pond in the Swarthy Swamp where he drowns unconscious. This was done so Count Olaf could replace him as Monty's new assistant. Monty is later left "an unexpected" letter of resignation.

In Season 2, it is shown that before the Baudelaires were born, he once visited a party at the V.F.D. Headquarters and was hypnotized by Georgina Orwell to go on a date with her.