Heimlich Hospital is the main setting in The Hostile Hospital and served as the Baudelaire orphans' temporary home while they were on-the-run as criminals. It is located in the Hinterlands, which is basically the middle of nowhere, as opposed to a logical place like in the City. The names of the wards are really strange.

One half of the building was finished and the other remained an unfinished frame. It is unknown if this is simply because the hospital is in development, or if those constructing it ran out of funds.

Due to the nature of the series, the hospital naturally plays on real fears such as inadequate healthcare and medical malpractice. The hospital is known to suffer from budget costs.[1] [2]


The Finished Half

The finished half of Heimlich Hospital was a beautiful place and was where almost all the work was done at the Hospital. It contains all of the things the hospital needs.

Supply Closet

The supply closets contain Alphabet Soup, rubber bands, doctors' coats, as well as a sink. In The Hostile Hospital, Klaus and Sunny hide in one of the closets and use the lab coats to disguise themselves as doctors. Later, the Baudelaire siblings hide in another supply closet from the person who looks like neither a man or a woman while the fire rages through the hospital.


  • Plague Ward
  • Pee in a Cup Ward (Netflix series only)
  • Sore Throat Ward
  • Broken Neck Ward
  • Ward for People with Nasty Rashes
  • Pneumonia Ward
  • Surgical Ward
  • Ear Ward
  • Stubbed Toe Ward
  • Accidentally Swallowed Something You Shouldn't Have Ward

The Unfinished Half

The Unfinished Half of Heimlich Hospital consisted of a wooden frame. During the events of The Hostile Hospital, the Baudelaire children slept in this part of the hospital.

Library of Records


The Library of Records in the TV series.

Main article: Library of Records

The Library of Records was located in the basement, housing information from all over the area. The library had two rooms, with a small antechamber preceding the large filing room, which itself was filled with rows of locked filing cabinets. The ceiling was low and each aisle of cabinets was only big enough to walk single file. Records were deposited through a chute into the room and then filed away by the recordkeeper, Hal.

The library was set on fire by Esmé Squalor and Count Olaf. The fire then proceeded to spread to the rest of the hospital, eventually burning the entire building to the ground. Afterward, Dewey Denouement's partner (Kit Snicket) went to gather the remnants of records for the Hotel Denouement and discovered Hal, bringing him back to the Hotel.

Connection to V.F.D.?

While it was never stated in the The Hostile Hospital, in Lemony Snicket's autobiography, Kit Snicket mentions about both the Library of Records and Dr. Montgomery's house being secured places with information. This could mean that the hospital was originally made by V.F.D., but they had left it half-finished; or a volunteer owned the hospital and added the library.

In the TV series, the Sugar Bowl was there.

The Baudelaires discovered 1 page of the Snicket File here.

Known employees


Heimlich Hospital is a reference to Henry Heimlich, an American physician best known for the Heimlich Maneuver.




TV series


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