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Incredibly Deadly Viper
Incredibly Deadly Viper
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Ink, more commonly known as The Incredibly Deadly Viper, is a snake discovered by Dr. Montgomery Montgomery.[1] According to the video game, he discovered it in Tazmania.


Much like his past, the appearance of the Incredibly Deadly Viper is known - he is as "black as a coal mine and as thick as a sewer pipe" with "bright green eyes" - but the order in which Ink's past unfolds is unknown. At one point in his life, Ink met Kit[2], Ishmael[3], Beatrice and Bertrand and spent some time on The Island with the latter two, who named him Inky. During his time on the island, Ink learned about the apples with horseradish that protected against poison and was trained by Ishmael to "rope sheep".

Eventually Beatrice, Bertrand and Ink left The Island, though whether Ink left with them, before them or after them is unknown. Whatever the circumstances of his departure from The Island, some time between fourteen years and eight months and exactly fourteen years later[4] Ink was back on habitable land.

One situation in Ink's past, in which the couple who owned the Prospero helped Lemony prevent Ink from falling into Olaf's grasp[5], may have occurred here, assuming it does not occur after his removal from Monty's house.

Regardless of the placement of the above mentioned event, Ink was, after his arrival back on habitable land, "discovered" by Doctor Montgomery Montgomery, who took him to the Reptile Room of his house - whether Monty actually discovered Ink or whether Ink let himself be found by Monty is unknown.

Between his discovery and the arrival of Violet, Klaus and Sunny, Monty discovered that Ink was "one of the least dangerous and most friendly creatures in the animal kingdom" and named him "The Incredibly Deadly Viper" as a misnomer because he was intending to play a prank on the Herpetological Society, where he was planning to unveil the snake, presumably after his return from Peru with the Baudelaires, which would be exactly a month after their arrival.

At the time of the Baudelaire's arrival at Monty's house, Ink was his "latest discovery" and he formed a close bond with Sunny. Together, after Monty's death, they managed to distract the adults, by faking that Ink had bitten Sunny, while Violet Baudelaire searched the suitcase of Stephano. With Stephano revealed as Count Olaf and Monty's murderer, Ink was packed up with the rest of Monty's collection and taken away by Bruce.

At a point after his collection by Bruce, Ink either escaped or was released, depending on circumstance; if the previously mentioned incident involving the couple on the Prospero did not occur before Ink's discovery by Monty then this is likely where it occurred meaning that he was released by either the couple who owned the Prospero or by Lemony himself -- if the event occurred before his discovery by Monty then Ink escaped from Bruce's grasp of his own volition.

After having either escaped or been released, Ink managed to locate Kit again and the two of them, Kit pregnant and injured, washed up on Kit's Vaporetto of Favorite Detritus, leading to their return to the island and their reunion with the Baudelaires.

Kit, unintentionally, revealed that she and Ink had met before and been on the island together as she mentions him by name. As events took a sinister turn and Olaf died, Ink offered the Baudelaires an apple - one that had been made into a hybrid plant by their parents and grown in horseradish to act as a handy cure for the Medusoid Mycelium should it ever reach the island - to save their lives. Kit, unfortunately, could not ingest one as it was dangerous to her unborn child and died in childbirth.

While the Baudelaires later escaped from the Island, Ink did not come with them; he had vanished at a time prior, implied by Lemony to be following Ishmael and the other colonists who had left without taking any of the apples that the orphans had offered to them, to deliver them an apple in the hopes of saving them.

Whether Ink succeeded in his quest is unknown, though presumably Ink managed to make his way back to shore at a point after this. Whether the "shore" he returned to was The Island is unknown, as is whether he was ever reunited with the Baudelaires.



  1. PROSE: The Reptile Room
  2. This can be assumed given that Kit knows Ink by name, implying that they have met on one previous occasion before the events of The End when they wash up together on the island.
  3. Confirmed when the Baudelaire orphans read a passage of A Series of Unfortunate Events stating that Ishmael had trained Inky (the viper) to rope sheep.
  4. Depending on how far along Beatrice was in her pregnancy at the time she departed The Island determines the exact date; if Beatrice was, at minimum, a month pregnant on her departure from The Island then the date is fourteen years and eight months. If Beatrice was exactly nine months pregnant at the time of her departure then the date is exactly fourteen years. And, of course, Beatrice could have been anywhere in between as well, meaning the date can fit anywhere in between the fourteen years and eight months and fourteen years. It cannot be fifteen years as Violet does not turn fifteen until The Grim Grotto and Violet was not born at the time of Beatrice's departure from The Island with her husband.
  5. Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography




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