Isaac "Ike" Anwhistle, brother of Gregor Anwhistle, was a member of V.F.D. and was married to Josephine Anwhistle.


It is possible that Ike (and presumably Gregor) are related to Beatrice Baudelaire[1], as seen by their shared skill in whistling with mouthfuls of crackers. Josephine is mentioned by Mr. Poe to be Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire's second cousin's sister-in-law, meaning that Beatrice could be Gregor's first cousin.

In the TV series, it is shown that he and Josephine went to the V.F.D. Headquarters to party, and it was then they decided to build a house on the side of a cliff.[2]

His death was caused by the Lachrymose Leeches while on a picnic with his wife on the shores of Lake Lachrymose. Although Josephine warned Ike to wait an hour after he ate before going for a swim, he ignored her warning and only waited forty-five minutes, causing the leeches to swarm and devour him alive.


Ike's "bravery" may have been caused by a more reckless nature. He may have been the builder of the cliff top house he and Josephine lived in high above the lake. The placement of their home was unsafe and was proven to be so when it was hit by the full force of Hurricane Herman and promptly collapsed. Ike's disregard for waiting an hour after eating before going for a swim in Lake Lachrymose is what ultimately led to his death. Thus, while "brave" in some respect, Ike seemed to be outright foolhardy in most regard.

In spite of his bravery, Ike may have had his phobias, too. Josephine said that she and Ike were afraid to have children, but why this was is never explained. On the evening Josephine fakes her suicide in The Wide Window, she mentions to Violet that Ike always answered the telephone while wearing a special glove, possibly an electrician's glove. Because of this, Ike could have inadvertently caused Aunt Josephine's fear of answering the telephone.

According to Josephine, Ike shared her love of grammar.

Behind the scenes

He is portrayed by the series producer, Barry Sonnenfeld, in the TV series.


  • He was able to whistle Beethoven's Fourth Quartet with crackers in his mouth. The only other person known to be able to do this is Beatrice Baudelaire, who could whistle Mozart's Fourteenth Symphony. According to Josephine, this skill is a family trait.
    • His name Ike put with Anwhistle sounds like "I can whistle."
  • In The Beatrice Letters, it is mentioned that Ike gave Lemony Snicket a Lachrymose Leech paperweight as a graduation present.
  • The Quagmires said, "Didn't we see him before?" meaning they had some contact with him.



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