Ivan Lachrymose was an explorer who discovered Lake Lachrymose.[1]


His story appears in a tedious biography entitled "Ivan Lachrymose: Lake Explorer." Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography reveals that the book was written so V.F.D. could hide important documents between pages 302 and 303. Lemony Snicket discovers an audiotape wedged in his copy, containing a recorded conversation between Mr. Poe and Eleanora Poe. Another copy of the book contains the second half of the V.F.D. transcript. It is implied that this is the same copy the Baudelaires discover hidden beneath Aunt Josephine's bed.[2]

In The End, one of the books on Kit Snicket's raft is "Ivan Lachrymose: Lake Explorer."[3]


  • Lemony lists Ivan Lachrymose as an associate of Count Olaf.[source needed]
  • "Ivan Lachrymose: Lake Explorer" is written by Vincent Francis Doyle and published by Very False Documents Press, both obvious references to V.F.D. It is also one of the books Kit (as Ms. K) tried to make her students read at Prufrock Preparatory School.