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"Your parents had a vigorously fixed destination in mind for you."
—Jacquelyn to the Baudelaire children

Jacquelyn is an original character in the TV series adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events.


Jacquelyn is a brave and honorable member of V.F.D., who will stop at nothing to ensure that justice prevails. She is also bold and resourceful when it comes to defending her organization.

TV series

While she works as the secretary of Mr. Poe at Mulctuary Money Management, she is also a member of V.F.D., and works with Gustav Sebald to watch over the Baudelaire orphans.

She briefly meets them outside Montgomery Montgomery's house and informs them that they are to move in with Aunt Josephine as per their parent's wishes. She returns to Klaus half of a V.F.D. Spyglass after the Baudelaires arrive at Prufrock Preparatory School, which Count Olaf had stolen from them earlier. She then attempts to capture Count Olaf aboard the Prospero, threatening him with a harpoon gun, but he evades capture.

A character with a similar name, Jacqueline Scieszka, is credited as providing subtitles for Zombies in the Snow. This may allude to Jacquelyn, given her affiliation with Gustav, or it may be a red herring. This is confirmed further when the name is seen spelt instead with a 'y' on a poster for Zombies in the Snow. Jacquelyn appears as an actor in the film, playing Gerta. This means Jacquelyn may be another J.S.


  • Mr. Poe states that she was highly recommended by the Baudelaire parents to be his secretary.
  • Jacquelyn is one of the few characters in the television series that never makes a direct appearance in the books, alongside the Quagmire parents.
    • Unlike the Quagmire parents however, Jacquelyn is never even mentioned indirectly, although she is possibly one of the many in-book characters to feature under the initials of 'J.S.'
  • She is portrayed by Sara Canning.
  • Some fans believe she may secretly be Kit Snicket, taking her name from the feminine version of Jacques, who is Kit's brother.


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