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"Your parents had a vigorously fixed destination in mind for you."
—Jacquelyn to the Baudelaire children

Jacquelyn is an original character in the TV series adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events.


Jacquelyn is a brave and honorable member of V.F.D. who will stop at nothing to ensure that justice prevails. She is also bold and resourceful when it comes to defending her organization.


Before season 1

Jacquelyn is a member of V.F.D. and works with Gustav Sebald. At some point, she was an actress and playing Gerta in Gustav's film Zombies in the Snow.

She works as a secretary for Mr. Poe at Mulctuary Money Management. Mr. Poe states that she was highly recommended by the Baudelaire parents for the job.

Season 1

In "The Bad Beginning: Part Two", it is revealed that while the Baudelaires were staying with the Poes, she reluctantly gives Count Olaf, disguised as "Yesica Haircut", an appointment with Mr. Poe. She is abducted by his associates and tied to a tree. She drags the tree to a phone booth where she contacts Gustav. She finds her way to a VFD tunnel and Gustav unties her. She is later seen at The Marvelous Marriage with Gustav. When Olaf's scheme is foiled, she walks to the stage and tells the Baudelaires that their parents had a "vigorously fixed destination" for where they should go: to Montgomery Montgomery. This news upsets Justice Strauss.

In "The Reptile Room: Part Two", disguised as a statue in a hedge-maze, she briefly meets the Baudelaires outside Montgomery Montgomery's house and tells them to find Aunt Josephine, claiming she can keep them safe and tell them important imformation. She promises to Klaus to get back his half of a V.F.D. spyglass which Count Olaf had stolen from him. She then attempts to capture Count Olaf aboard the Prospero, threatening him with a harpoon gun, but he evades capture.

At the end of "The Miserable Mill: Part Two", Mr. Poe hands Klaus a package from Jacquelyn. It contains Klaus's half of a spyglass.

Behind the scenes

She is portrayed by Sara Canning.


  • Based on current knowledge, Jacquelyn is one of the few notable characters in the TV series that never makes a direct appearance in the books, alongside the Quagmire parents and Gustav. However, unlike the others, she is never even mentioned in the books.
  • A poster for Zombies in the Snow includes the name "Jacquelyn Scieszka". Also, "Jacqueline Scieszka" (different spelling of Jacquelyn) is credited as providing subtitles for the film which contain a secret message for Monty to be read using a V.F.D. spyglass. Given Jacquelyn affiliation with Gustav (who directed the film), her association with V.F.D., and her appearance in the film, leads many to conclude her last name is Scieszka, making her another J.S., though others think this may be a red herring.
  • Some fans believe Jacquelyn is secretly Kit Snicket, using the feminine version of her brother's, Jacques's, name. Others believe she is one of the many mentioned characters to feature under the initials of "J.S."