Jacques Snicket
Jacques Snicket
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Murdered by Count Olaf in The Vile Village


Captain S.[1]
Count Olaf (misidentity)[2]
Count Omar (misnomer of misidentity)[2]

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"I'm not a villain! I work for the volunteer —"
—Jacques' self-defense being interrupted by the village residents

Jacques Snicket is the elder[3] brother of Lemony Snicket, twin of Kit Snicket, and known V.F.D. Volunteer. He is the son of Jacob Snicket and the grandson of Charles Snicket.

Jacques was an innocent man who was wrongfully accused and almost received the death penalty of the Village of Fowl Devotees: the terrible demise of being burned to death at the stake.


Though little detail is known about Jacques, he seems to have been a very active volunteer. Before his death, Jacques worked briefly for The Daily Punctilio, for whom he wrote an article proving that the Royal Gardens Fire was arson. At one point, he worked for Captain Widdershins on the Queequeg, and for Anwhistle Aquatics's Voluntary Fish Domestication program. When Café Salmonella began using these fish in their dishes, he and his siblings participated in a fight against the restaurant, known as the Snicket Snickersnee, but to no avail.[4] After the destruction of Anwhistle Aquatics, Jacques wrote another article for The Daily Punctilio, entitled "Verifying Fernald's Defection," which claimed Fernald was responsible for the fire.

He later met Quigley Quagmire at the former home of Dr. Montgomery Montgomery while doing research in an attempt to track the Baudelaire orphans[5]; why he was tracking them is unknown, though it is possible that Lemony asked him to do so. Jacques also stayed for a brief period at Lucky Smells Lumbermill, while investigating the death of Dr. Georgina Orwell. He seems to have been a good friend of Jerome Squalor, having urged him by letter both to buy the penthouse at 667 Dark Avenue and not to marry Esmé Squalor, although the later letter did not reach Jerome due to being intercepted by The Hook-Handed Man.

At some point before his death, he and Lemony lost contact[6] and Jacques remained close to Kit.

The Vile Village

Jacques appeared briefly in The Vile Village, where he was mistaken for Count Olaf by various citizens of the Village of Fowl Devotees, due to having a unibrow and a tattoo of an eye on his ankle.

Before he could be burned at the stake, he tried to tell the Baudelaire orphans the true meaning of V. F. D., saying, "I work for the volunteer..."

He was then moved to a prison cell, where he was mysteriously murdered by the real Count Olaf as "Detective Dupin", who blamed the Baudelaires for the murder.

Behind the scenes

He is portrayed by Nathan Fillon in the TV series.


  • He is one of the multiple characters with the initials J.S.



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