Jake Hix is introduced in When Did You See Her Last? as the nephew of Hungry Hix, the proprietor of Hungry's.


Early life

At some point of time, Jake took up being an apprentice in his aunt's restaurant, working for food and board. He also met Cleo Knight, his sweetheart, however Ignatius and Doretta Knight, Cleo's parents, objected the relationship due to their difference in social status.

When Did You See Her Last?

Upon Lemony Snicket's arrival in Hungry's, Jake was reading Johnny Dixon: The Trolley to Yesterday, telling a synopsis of the story to Lemony after being asked of the contents of the book. Hungry Hix orders Jake to take Lemony's order. Not minding that Lemony didn't have money to pay for the bill, Jake makes Snicket some soup with dumplings. Being questioned by Snicket regarding Cleo Knight's disappearance, Jake pretended not to know, even going so far as to being apprehensive in talking about his customers.

Jake said that Cleo was at Hungry's the previous morning about 10:30, but he let it slip regarding their close relationship by calling Cleo by her name instead of the more common 'Miss Knight.' He serves Pip and Squeak some soup as well.

He is later seen making gashouse eggs for the Bellerophon Brothers, Moxie Mallahan and Snicket. At Lemony telling him that there must be something going on with him and Cleo, Jake finally admits his romantic relationship with Cleo. Jake then says that she is 'hiding out, working on a big experiment,' and he has high hopes that he and Cleo will get married after Stain'd-by-the-Sea is a real town again.

Realizing the bad news, and what really happened to Cleo, Jake takes Cleo's Dilemma and a few hours later, he rammed the windows of the Colophon Clinic with it. He helped Snicket open the hatch to free Cleo, and after Dr. Flammarion's and Nurse Dander's arrest, he helped Cleo treat Moxie's wounds.

Physical appearance

Lemony describes him as being taller than him with shaggy red hair. In an illustration, he is shown wearing a bowtie and a coat.

Known meals

Jake has cooked a number of meals for others, such as:

  • Soup with dumplings
  • Gashouse eggs
  • Reuben with extra Russian dressing
  • Toasted bread
  • Tomato-watermelon gazpacho
  • Hangtown fry
  • Porcini mushroom
  • Farro risotto
  • Artichoke-lemon soup with fried spring onions sprinkled on top
  • Brook trout wrapped in grape leaves and poached with olives and rosemary
  • Blueberry cobbler with homemade hazelnut ice cream