Jerome Squalor
Biographical information

Hotel Denouement Fire (possibly)



Physical description




Hair color


Skin color


Family members

Esmé Squalor (ex-wife), Violet Baudelaire (former adoptive daughter), Klaus Baudelaire (former adoptive son), Sunny Baudelaire (former adoptive daughter)

Love interests

Esmé Squalor (formerly)


Expert on injustice



"Well, I don't want to argue. If you've made up your mind, then you've made up your mind. I'll tell Mr. Poe to find you another guardian. You children are very dear to me, but I don't have your courage. Your mother always said I wasn't brave enough, and I guess she was right. Good luck, Baudelaires. I think you will need it."
—Jerome saying farewell to the Baudelaires

Jerome Squalor makes his first appearance is in book the sixth: The Ersatz Elevator, in which he is married to Esmé Squalor. However, she leaves him to join Count Olaf's troupe.


He is very trusting, but dislikes confrontation and will not challenge Esmé even when her actions could harm the Baudelaire. Jerome avoids disputes with Esmé, as he hates arguing with her, and follows her instructions. In this sense, Jerome is a pushover.

He is also less of a follower of fashion than Esmé, and dislikes the idea of buying superfluous items because they are 'in'. He is rich and successful, but this position is abused by Esmé to gain access to the Baudelaires.


The Ersatz Elevator

Jerome first appears in The Ersatz Elevator as their guardian. While very kind, he does not believe the orphans about Count Olaf and refuses to take any sort of protective action for them.

At the end of The Ersatz Elevator, Jerome offers to take the Baudelaire orphans to a place of safety, but they refuse, as their friends the Quagmires are still held captive by Count Olaf. Jerome kisses each Baudelaire on the forehead and then walks away, leaving them once more in the care of Mr. Poe.

He is a friend of Jacques Snicket and it was because of Jacques that he bought the penthouse apartment in 667 Dark Avenue. Jacques told him not to marry Esmé, but the letter was intercepted by the hook-handed man.[1]

The Penultimate Peril

Jerome reappears in book the twelfth: The Penultimate Peril. Feeling guilty at his desertion of the Baudelaires, he has been researching their case and writing a book about injustice, Odious Lusting After Finance (note that the initials spell OLAF). He gives the book to Justice Strauss to be used as evidence at Olaf's trial, but Count Olaf kidnaps the judge and escapes, and uses the book as kindling to set fire to the Hotel Denouement.[2]

It is unknown if Jerome survived the fire that claimed the Hotel.


  • Jerome's initials are J.S. In The Slippery Slope, Klaus decodes a Verbal Fridge Dialogue message, in which the initials of the addressee of the message are J.S. It has never been stated who the J.S. was, but could be Jerome.



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