Aunt Josephine's House (TWW)
Aunt Josephine's house
Location Information

Coast of Lake Lachrymose


Josephine Anwhistle

Owned By

Josephine Anwhistle




Destroyed due to falling into Lake Lachrymose during Hurricane Herman

Josephine Anwhistle's house is featured in The Wide Window, the third novel of A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.

It was almost always very cold inside because Aunt Josephine feared the radiator could explode, set the house on fire, and kill everyone inside. It was also unable to withstand hurricanes.


The structure is built off the edge of a cliff and held up by a series of metal stilts and struts. The house is of somewhat small size, having only two bedrooms and one bathroom, a small kitchen, dining room and living room. The main feature of the house is The Wide Window (hence the book title) located in Aunt Josephine's grammar library at the far end of the house, which provides a view of Lake Lachrymose and is the site where Aunt Josephine faked her suicide later in the book. Although the building has electricity, gas, central heating and a telephone line, none of these are used due to Josephine's many phobias.

During Hurricane Herman, one of the many stilts holding the house up on the cliffside is struck by lightning and the house [after many violent tremors] topples into the lake shortly afterward.


  • In the film adaptation, there is a sign near it that asks, "DOES ANYONE KNOW YOU ARE GOING THIS WAY?"
  • It is mentioned in Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography that the second half of a V.F.D. meeting manuscript can be found within a book titled Ivan Lachrymose: Lake Explorer, hidden under someone's bed. In The Wide Window, when the Baudelaire orphans are looking for an atlas under Aunt Josephine's bed, one of the books they find is Ivan Lachrymose: Lake Explorer. This suggests that the manuscript is indeed hidden in Aunt Josephine's house. In the Grim Grotto, Captain Widdershins said he and the crew of the Queequeg saved several books from the house that were being destroyed in Lake Lachrymose.
  • In The End, the Queequeg's books were used by Kit Snicket to create a Vaporetto of Favorite Detritus once the Queequeg was destroyed by the crash landing of Hector's self-sustaining hot air mobile home, and to escape. The Vaporetto eventually washed on the enormous coastal shelf of the The Island.
  • It is unknown as to whether Ike lived in the house or whether Josephine moved to this house after Ike died so as to be close to Lake Lachrymose to remember him. However, in the film, Josephine mentions one of the rooms being Ike's. It's possible Josephine and Ike built the house together.
  • Josephine was very courageous before Ike's death, and then became fearful after his death. It would seem that Josephine (and possibly Ike too) decided to move into the house as a mark of their bravery. However, after Ike's death, it seems that due to living in the house for so long, as well as her fear of realtors, Josephine was reluctant to move. If the two of them built the house together, then the house would have held great meaning to Josephine as a memento of Ike she did not want to part with.





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