Justice strauss' library

Justice Strauss' library in the TV series

Justice Strauss' library located in her house is a collection of books about numerous topics including everything from food recipes to "the world's most threatening fungus." The Incomplete History of Secret Organizations and Adoption Law & You was also seen in this library.

The Bad Beginning

In The Bad Beginning, the Baudelaires visit it three times;

  • The first is to find a recipe book after Count Olaf requests they make dinner. They decide pasta puttanesca.
  • The second is after the Baudelaires go to Mulctuary Money Management and are told to suck up Olaf's treatment of them. They lose themselves in books to cope with their situation.
  • The third is after Olaf announces them to be in his play, The Marvelous Marriage. Klaus Baudelaire used the library to do research in hopes of thwarting Count Olaf's evil schemes, reading a book on inheritance law.




TV series

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