Lago Lacrimoso e Farol Lavanda
Lake Lachrymose
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Josephine Anwhistle (formerly)
Violet (formerly)
Klaus (formerly)
Sunny (formerly)
Count Olaf (formerly)
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Larry the Waiter

  • Lake and town

Lake Lachrymose is an enormous lake that appears in The Wide Window.

It was discovered by and named after explorer Ivan Lachrymose.

The lake is known for its population of predatory leeches, which claimed the lives of Isaac and Josephine Anwhistle.

The Fickle Ferry takes passengers to Damocles Dock, which is at the edge of a small town. At the top of a nearby cliff overlooking the lake sat Josephine's house. There are several features in and around the lake, including Carp Cove, Chartreuse Island, Cloudy Cliff, Curdled Cave, Captain Sham's Sailboat Rentals, the Lavender Lighthouse, the Rancorous Rocks, and the Wicked Whirlpool. The town contains several shops and restaurants, including a clothing store called "Look! It Fits!" and a fast food restaurant The Anxious Clown.

Captain Widdershins mentions that he patrolled Lake Lachrymose for years in his submarine, the Queequeg, implying that Lake Lachrymose has an access to a main ocean.


Lachrymose means "tear-inducing". This could be a reference to Aunt Josephine's sadness and weeping when she lost her husband in the lake. It also creates imagery of a lake being filled with tears.





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