Creating an article takes quite a bit of work and should be planned out before attempting to do so in the first place. But this shouldn't dishearten you from starting.

New articles should be relevant to this Wiki and contain only factual information. Speculation and Fan Fiction make their respective homes in the Forums.

New articles should not contain redundant information. If there is not much information to be added to the new article, and it is really only a sentence or two long, it should most likely be added to a more general article (i.e. information on any animal in the series should be added to the The Awful Animals page). Articles that are redundant or are only one sentence long may be deleted.

Vandalism will not be tolerated and violations will be dealt with accordingly.

To write a new article, just enter the title in the box below and click create. You can also add an article by clicking the grey Contribute button in the upper right corner of each page and select "Add a Page."

Good luck on your article and thanks for your contribution!

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