Madame Lulu (Olívia)
Olivia Caliban
Biographical information

Fell into the lions' pit


Madame Lulu

Physical description


Hair color

Black (as Madame Lulu)
Blonde (natural hair colour)

Eye color


Skin color


Family members

Caliban Family~

Love interests

Count Olaf (Possibly)


Olivia Caliban was the fortune teller at, and owner of, Caligari Carnival. She first appeared in The Carnivorous Carnival and was the ninth, and second unofficial, guardian of the Baudelaires. Although Olivia is her real name, she preferred to be called by the name "Madame Lulu". Her motto was "Everyone gets what they want." Her natural hair colour was blonde, but she disguised this with a fake turban, the same turban Count Olaf wore in The Austere Academy when he was pretending to be Coach Genghis and spoke in the same accent that Count Olaf used when he was pretending to be Gunther, the innest auctioneer, adding "please" at odd times.

Count Olaf visited her at the carnival whenever he needed to know the latest whereabouts of the Baudelaires, believing that she could tell through psychic means. However, Madame Lulu wasn't a real psychic. Instead, she requested her guests to close their eyes, then researched the answers to their questions, using the documents in an entire archival library hidden under a table in her tent. A device that she invented would trick her guests into thinking that smoke and lightning would initiate inside the tent. It is unknown whether or not Count Olaf realized that she was a fraud.

Madame Lulu was originally, as Olivia Caliban, a member of V.F.D. It is known that Captain Widdershins taught her how to read codes on stained maps. It is unclear what side of the schism Madame Lulu was loyal to, if she chose a side at all. Madame Lulu said that she just likes giving people what they want.

Madame Lulu died after falling into the pit of lions during the skirmish at the carnival, along with The Bald Man with the Long Nose.


  • Madame Lulu may be the fortune-teller who cursed Lemony Snicket when a policeman tripped Mr. Snicket, forcing him to break the crystal ball he was holding.
  • Olivia Caliban may be the sister of Thursday, the sister-in-law of Miranda Caliban, and the aunt of Friday Caliban. However, she could be also be Miranda's sister, which would still make her the aunt of Friday, but the sister-in-law of Thursday instead.




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