Madame diLustro was a friend of Lemony Snicket and is described as a fine cook and excellent detective. She often hosts dinner parties and flies into a rage if one of her guests arrives even five minutes late. Snicket turns his friend into an interrupting plot device in The Reptile Room: right after he informs readers that the Incredibly Deadly Viper bit Sunny Baudelaire, he says that he has to dash off for one of diLustro's dinner parties.[1] She was not included in the film; instead, Snicket's typewriter jams right after Sunny is bitten.

Later, in the book The Grim Grotto, Lemony Snicket describes good opening sentences for a dinner, including "What would drive a man to commit arson?", "Why do so many stories of true love end in tragedy and despair?" and "Madame diLustro, I believe I've discovered your true identity!", phrases that would be able to lead discussions, arguments and accusations, making dinner a lot more fun.[2]



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