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"The Dark," Scaring Children Everywhere – 24 MARCH 2013

Lemony Snicket has been working with illustrator Jon Klassen on a new picture book, entitled "The Dark" and set to release April 2. The book is said to be about a young boy named Lazlo who is afraid of The Dark, which lives in his basement. Click here to see the official trailer.

New Snicket Novel Announced – 28 FEBRUARY 2013

Just in time for both Daniel Handler's and Lemony Snicket's birthdays, the title and release date of the second installment of Snicket's new series All the Wrong Questions has been announced. When Did You See Her Last? will hit stores 15 October 2013, and the title SHOULD NOT be repeated aloud. To read a letter to Volunteers from Snicket himself, click here.

Lemony Snicket Live Chat – 15 JANUARY 2013

Warning: On Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 7pm EST, there will be a live chat with Lemony Snicket at this address. He will be answering questions and talking about his newest novel, Who Could That Be at This Hour?, so we would of course suggest that you run away before you learn something that might endanger you.

Note: For those who missed the chat but still for some reason want to endanger themselves, a full transcript of the chat may be found here.

Archived news can be found here.


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