Moxie Mallahan is an amateur reporter living in Stain'd-by-the-Sea. She appears in the All the Wrong Questions series and is one of Lemony Snicket's close associates, described as:

Ad hoc... members of V.F.D.
— Lemony Snicket

Moxie has helped Lemony Snicket on multiple occasions.


Moxie lives with her father in The Stain'd Lighthouse, now known as the Mallahan Lighthouse. The local newspaper, The Stain'd Lighthouse, was run by the Mallahan family for generations, and was printed in the Lighthouse. Her parents were both reporters and she aspires to be a great one herself. When the newspaper folded, her mother left Stain'd-by-the-Sea to find a job in the City, and her father quit working and now rarely gets out of bed.

All the Wrong Questions

In Who Could That Be at This Hour?, Hangfire impersonates Snicket to lure her to Handkerchief Heights. From there, she accompanies Snicket to the Sallis Mansion when they hear screaming. They rescue Dame Murphy Sallis from drowning in the basement, where Hangfire tied her up.

In When Did You See Her Last?, she helps cuts Snicket's hair to help him disguise as Stew Mitchum, helps research Colonel Colophon, and joins Snicket, Jake Hix, Pecuchet Bellerophon and Bouvard Bellerophon to the Colophon Clinic, where her arm is cut by Nurse Dander.

In Shouldn't You Be in School?, she is forced to become a student at Wade Academy (along with Jake Hix, Cleo Knight, and Kellar Haines). The four of them, plus Ellington Feint and Ornette Lost, fashion fake cigarettes made out of bark to help fight off the effects of laudanum the Inhumane Society is putting in their food. When Snicket catches up with them, they are running low, and Moxie is struggling to stay coherent. At the end of the book, she invites Kellar to come live with her and her father in the lighthouse.

In Why Is This Night Different from All Other Nights?, she helps hoist Snicket into the train, The Thistle of The Valley. With her in her compartment is a fake Bombinating Beast, fashioned out of cardboard by Ornette.


Moxie Mallahan is an avid journalist with a thirst for knowledge. She is very curious as well. She also can be seen as incredibly loyal, as she is very proud to be Snicket's associate and wants to help Snicket on his missions, to which Snicket replies "It's too dangerous". She has a jealous streak and does not like Snicket's interest in Ellington Feint.

Physical appearance

Moxie has dark gray eyes which Snicket described as "dark grey, as if they had once been black but somebody had washed them or had made her cry for a long time." Her hair color is unknown but the illustrations show it is light colored. She is not taller than Snicket, as stated in Who Could That Be at This Hour? ("She was not taller than me, but I still had to look up to meet her eyes"), and in illustrations, she appears to be shorter than him. She wears a hat that is "brown with a rounded top like a lowercase a" and stores business cards in the hat's band. Her shoes are described to be heavy and brown.


  • There is some evidence that indicates she has a romantic attachment towards Snicket; every time Snicket admits that he is thinking about Ellington Feint, Moxie seems to be jealous and tells him she doesn't matter. In When Did You See Her Last?, she is annoyed at Snicket's absence at her home, but claims that she is bored when he asks.
  • A popular theory is that Moxie is the editor of the ASOUE novels, who Snicket writes to throughout the thirteen books. Some also believe that Snicket does not know it is Moxie.
  • Snicket revealed in a 2015 Q&A that he does not see Moxie again.[2]