Not much is known about The Man With a Beard But No Hair beyond his status as one so villainous that even Count Olaf fears him.[1] His name apparently brings such terror that it is never mentioned, but he is described as having a high, scratchy voice. He and his associate, The Woman With Hair But No Beard, set the fires that destroyed the V.F.D. Headquarters in the Valley of Four Drafts. Soon after, the two join Olaf and his troupe at the highest peak in the Mortmain Mountains, in order to congratulate Olaf on destroying the Caligari Carnival and present him with the coveted Snicket File.

In The Penultimate Peril, he later appears as one of the High Court judges that finds the Baudelaires guilty of murder and contempt of court. Dewey mentions that he and Kit Snicket searched the childhood home of the Man With a Beard But No Hair, though the purpose of their search is not revealed. Before the destruction of Hotel Denouement, he attempted to aid Count Olaf in the kidnapping of Justice Strauss.