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Mount Fraught
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Mount Fraught is the highest peak of the Mortmain Mountains, and the mountain top where Sunny was trapped while forced to be Count Olaf's servant and perform any number of unsavory chores. Violet and Quigley climbed up Mount Fraught with Violet's Fork-Assisted Climbing Shoes. Jerome Squalor mentions having climbed Mount Fraught with Beatrice Baudelaire in The Ersatz Elevator.

Your mother was adventurous, too. You know, she and I were very good friends a ways back. We hiked up Mount Fraught with some friends — gosh, it must have been twenty years ago. (p. 27)

Mount Fraught is home to the Snow Gnats, and the birthplace of the Volunteer Feline Detectives, first seen in The Carnivorous Carnival. Many miserable things happened atop this mountain, amongst them the destruction of V.F.D. headquarters, the capture of many unassuming Snow Scouts to work as forced laborers on Olaf's stolen submarine, and the recruitment of Carmelita Spats.[1]


The Slippery Slope


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