It's time we mounted a vigorous fire defence.
— Mr. Quagmire

Mr. Quagmire is the father of the triplets Duncan, Isadora, and Quigley. He is married to Mrs. Quagmire.


He perished in the fire that destroyed the Quagmire Mansion. He owned many sapphires before his death, which made him quite rich. These sapphires would be inherited by his children. Not much else is known about him.

Mr. Quagmire is thought to have been a member of the fire-extinguishing side of V.F.D., as was confirmed by Jacques Snicket to Quigley.

TV series

He is portrayed by Will Arnett in the TV series. He is presented in such a way as to fool the audience into thinking he is Bertrand Baudelaire in the first season's subplot. He later dies during a mysterious house fire started by a mysterious woman theorized to be Esmé Squalor.




  1. In the reprise of That's Not How The Story Goes in The Penultimate Peril: Part 2, a copy of the Daily Punctilio on the accident at Lucky Smells Lumbermill is labelled as "LOCAL CITY NEWS AUGUST 23 ACCIDENT AT LUCKY SMELL" with the rest of the words cut off. This confirms that the accident that killed Georgina Orwell occured on that date. When the Quagmire Mansion is burnt down it is dark, meaning it is either the late evening of the 23rd or early morning of the 24th.