Mr. Remora
Mr. Remora
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"You're the boss, Nero. If you say they're expelled, they're expelled."
—Mr. Remora unwilling to defend the Baudelaires

Mr. Remora was the teacher of Violet Baudelaire, Duncan Quagmire and Carmelita Spats at Prufrock Preparatory School in the A Series of Unfortunate Events book The Austere Academy.[1]


Mr. Remora loves bananas and always eats them during class. His teaching method consisted of having students listen to and remember his very tedious short stories which he told orally to the class.

Mr. Remora decided to retire after choking on a banana, and was replaced by Miss K (Kit Snicket), who required her students to read various V.F.D.-related books and was eventually fired by Vice Principal Nero.[2]

Later on, Mr. Remora received an invitation from J.S. (Count Olaf) to attend a cocktail party at the Hotel Denouement, lured by the false claim that bananas would be provided. Hal interacted with Mr. Remora and quoted "I didn't realize this was a sad occasion" which Mr. Remora didn't understand. Unlike his companions Nero and Mrs. Bass, he chooses the side of the Baudelaires in The Penultimate Peril during the trial of the Baudelaire children and Count Olaf. It remains unknown whether or not he survived the fire that destroyed the Hotel Denouement.[3]

Behind the scenes

He is played by Malcolm Stewart in the Netflix adaptation.



  • He and his family are likely a part of V.F.D. as "Remora" is written in a VFD tunnel. It would also explain why he is present at Hotel Denouement.