Mrs. Morrow
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Hotel Denouement fire (possibly)

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Council of Elders
Village of Fowl Devotees

"I never trusted those kids. They didn't do a very good job when they trimmed my hedges."
—Mrs. Morrow regarding the Baudelaires

Mrs. Morrow is an antagonistic citizen from the Village of Fowl Devotees in The Vile Village. She is seen at Town Hall when the Baudelaires arrive wearing a pink bathrobe. She is one of the several people who do not want the Baudelaires living with her, and shows her dislike for them by making them, along with Hector, trim her hedges. She is the one who delivers the news about Jacques Snicket's mysterious death, whom she thinks is Count Olaf. Following the murder of Jacques, Mrs. Morrow demands that the Baudelaires, who are innocent, be burned at the stake for the crime.

She reappears in The Penultimate Peril as one of the guests at Hotel Denouement. She is woken up by a shot from the harpoon gun that killed Dewey Denouement and submits constitutions to be used as evidence at the trial for the Baudelaires and Count Olaf. It remains unknown whether she survived the fire that destroyed the hotel or perished along with it.



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