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"They'll believe that. They've seen you dance."
—Mrs. Quagmire (sarcastically), in response to her husband's excuse

Mrs. Quagmire is the wife to Mr. Quagmire and mother to her triplets; Duncan, Isadora, and Quigley. Her first and maiden name are unknown.


During the Quagmire fire, she sent Quigley down the secret passageway of the Quagmire Mansion in order to save his life before perishing herself along with her husband. Mrs. Quagmire was most likely a member of the fire-extinguishing side of V.F.D. along it is never confirmed. She was one of two owners of the Quagmire Sapphires, the other person being Mr. Quagmire.

TV series

She is portrayed by Cobie Smulders in the TV series. She is portrayed in such a way to fool the audience into thinking she is Beatrice Baudelaire. She later dies during a mysterious house fire started by a mysterious woman, speculated to be Esmé Squalor.



  • In the Netflix TV version of the series, in the Quagmire Mansion burning scene, a copy of the same photograph as the one found by Violet Baudelaire is visible to the left of the Quagmire family photograph.
  • Like Violet, she is able to create a molotov cocktail and a grappling hook.


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