Remember you will die. And when you die, you won't think of your family. You won't think of your friends, or your career or the way the land looks when sun sets behind the mountains. You'll think of the day we beat another team at sports!
— Ms. Tench trying to motivate her sports team

Ms. Tench was the former Prufrock Preparatory School gym teacher.


Vice Principal Nero says she "accidentally fell out of a third-story window a few days ago." It is unclear if she died, or if she survived with injuries.

She was replaced by Count Olaf (disguised as Coach Genghis). He mostly likely was the one who pushed her (possibly even murdered her) as a means of obtaining access to the Baudelaires.

TV series

Ms. Tench is on her way to an away game in the Prufrock Preparatory School bus with her whole sports team and is delivering a long and dramatic speech to her students when the Bus driver informs her that there is someone on the road in front of them. The bus stops and Ms. Tench angrily allows the person, Larry the Waiter, into the bus after he tells her he needs to get to Prufrock straight away after his catering truck had broken down. The bus turns around and Ms. Tench starts to continue her speech until the bus comes to a sudden and unexpected stop, and the driver states that they must have blown a tire. Ms. Tench declares that she will fix it, as she was "coach of the year, Berlin, '39". She walks outside but is greeted with the sight of a hook impaled in one of the tires, and is confused until Count Olaf appears behind her with his troupe. The Hook-Handed Man, one of Olaf's henchmen, says he'll take back the hook, and the troupe hijack the bus. It is mentioned by another of Olaf's associates that both Ms. Tench and the Bus Driver were crying as they threw them off the bus.

It is unclear what happened to her and the team, as Nero mentions that they mysteriously vanished.

Behind the scenes

Ms. Tench is portrayed by Bronwen Smith in Season 2 of the TV series adaptation.



  • Ms. Tench, Mr. Remora and Mrs. Bass are named after fish, possibly because a group of fish is called a school.