Mulctuary Money Management
Mulctuary Money Management
Location Information

The City


Mr. Poe (vice president of orphan affairs)



Mulctuary Money Management is a bank located in the banking district of the City. Mr. Arthur Poe (executor of the Baudelaire parents estate) works at this bank, and over the course of the series has a variety of jobs (such as being in charge of coins, to being Vice President of Orphan Affairs).

During The Bad Beginning the Baudelaire Orphans go to the bank to tell Mr. Poe that Count Olaf is a terrible guardian, but he doesn't hear them out. In The Vile Village it is mentioned that the Ophelius bank appears to be rivals with Mulctuary Money Management. Later, in The Penultimate Peril, it appears that Mrs. Bass (a teacher from Prufrock Preparatory) robbed Mulctuary Money Management (rumor claims that she stole the Baudelaire Fortune).




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