Mushroom Minutiae is a book owned by Fiona. Its exact author is unknown, but appears to have been written by V.F.D. It was published when Anwhistle Aquatics was still operating. The book was taken by Fiona when she left the Queequeg and joined the Carmelita. Later on, the book was used by Kit Snicket for her Vaporetto of Favorite Detritus.

Known Chapters

  • Chapter 36: The Yeast of Beasts
  • Chapter 37: Morel Behavior in a Free Society
  • Chapter 38: Fungible Mold, Moldable Fungi
  • Chapter 39: Visitable Fungal Ditches - Lemony Snicket notes that he wishes the Baudelaires could have had time to return to this chapter, as it contained important information of some kind. The initials in the title spell V.F.D.
  • Chapter 40: The Gorgonian Grotto



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