Ornette Lost is Prosper Lost's daughter who attends Wade Academy. She has two uncles (the Talkie Brothers) who work as fire fighters.

She previously attended Stain'd Secondary, but was transferred, along with all the town's schoolchildren, to the Wade Academy when her school was burned down as part of Hangfire's scheme. She is an expert in origami, as a young Lemony Snicket had described in Shouldn't You Be in School?. Ornette is tall, and sometimes wears a backwards cap.

Shouldn't You Be in School?

She is introduced to Lemony Snicket in Chapter Nine of the third All the Wrong Questions book, by Cleo Knight, Jake Hix, Moxie Mallahan, Kellar Haines and Ellington Feint at the beginning of the children's secret meeting in the Wade Academy's pretend library full of blank books. Ornette is part of Lemony Snicket's fragmentary plot, and helps by distracting Stew Mitchum so the others can throw the old wagon over the walls of the Wade Academy.