Everybody does something wrong at one time or another.
— Prosper to Lemony Snicket

Prosper Lost is a recurring character in the All the Wrong Questions series. He is the owner of The Lost Arms, the motel S. Theodora Markson and Lemony Snicket stay at in Stain'd-by-the-Sea.


Who Could That Be at This Hour?


He is described as being a thin man who rubs his hands together often. His voice is equally as thin, and Lemony Snicket mentions that his manner reminds him of a word that Lemony has been taught, but now forgets. Prosper Lost tells Lemony that he may refer to him as Prosper. Lemony then later remembers the word to be "obsequious", a word which here means, someone who is ingenuine and overly helpful. Lemony defines the word as meaning "people who behave like one's servant even when they aren't" (p. 97). This is an accurate description as when Lemony walks in Prosper is wearing an eager smile.

Prosper Lost may have heard something of Hangfire because when Lemony mentions him on the phone and Prosper is eavesdropping, he can tell that Prosper is frightened, because Lemony describes him as being a very bad eavesdropper. He also must have heard of the Bombinating Beast because moments after, when Lemony mentions that, he dusts harder than before, and becomes more anxious. He starts inching closer to Lemony, dusting cushions closer and closer to the phone. Prosper then eagerly asks Lemony if he needs help with anything, rubbing his dusty hands together, and again displaying his obsequious trait. Lemony is then very annoyed at him, and thinks of a more insulting word to describe him.

Prosper then causes a problem for Lemony when he allows Hangfire to search his and his chaperone's belongings, in their room. Lemony then tells him to sketch out 9 rows of 14 squares each to keep him occupied while he surveys the damage. When Lemony comes back, Prosper is still sketching, counting on his fingers.

Near the end of the book, during a conversation between Hector and Lemony, he begins eavesdropping again, stepping out from behind his desk to listen. At the end of the talk, Prosper has made his way behind Lemony and then begins to pry about what was said. Snicket then describes Lost to have given a thin smile.

When Did You See Her Last?

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Shouldn't You Be in School?

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Why Is This Night Different from All Other Nights?

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  • Prosper Lost could be a play on words "prosper" meaning "to make successful" and "lost" meaning "to be taken away." Stain'd-by-the-Sea is also no longer successful.