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Prufrock Prepatory School
Location Information
Owned By

Vice Principal Nero


Boarding school


Remains closed for many years [1]

Prufrock Prepatory School is a boarding school that serves as the setting for The Austere Academy. It is made up of several buildings that resemble tombstones and sits on a brown lawn. There is a cafeteria, an administrative building, a student dormitory, a library, an auditorium for Vice Principal Nero's violin recitals, and a tin shack for orphan students. A stone archway at the school's entrance is inscribed with the motto "Memento Mori," Latin for "Remember You Will Die."

The shack was called "The Orphans Shack" since the Quagmires lived there. Bales of hay serve as beds, tiny crabs scurry around, the wallpaper is horrible,with hearts arranged in a not appealing pattern, and orange fungus oozes from the ceiling.


Prufrock Preparatory School is a school that the Baudelaires attend in The Austere Academy. Klaus and Violet enroll as students while Sunny becomes an administrative assistant to Nero. Klaus's teacher is Mrs. Bass and Violet's is Mr. Remora. There, they meet Duncan and Isadora Quagmire, who become their friends, and Carmelita Spats. During their stay Count Olaf disguises himself as a gym teacher named "Coach Genghis" and hatches a plot to steal their fortune. The school shuts down much later after Mrs. Bass is arrested for bank robbery at Mulctuary Money Management.




  • The school was named after "J. Alfred Prufrock" of T. S. Eliot's The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.
  • There is a contradiction introduced in Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography, where we see a letter written by Vice Principal Nero that was written after Series of Unfortunate Events was published in-universe, and in The Austere Academy, Lemony Snicket claims that Prufrock Preparatory has closed down, meaning that Nero could not have sent the letter with the picture of the students, who shouldn't have been there due to the school being closed.
    • Also, the existence and content of the letter proves that Nero, Remora, Bass, and Carmelita survived the Hotel Donument Fire, although it does not mention it directly.




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