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Self-sustaining hot air mobile home

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The Self-sustaining Hot Air Mobile Home is a vehicle vaguely resembling a series of connected hot air balloons, designed with all the amenities of a small house. It was invented by Hector prior to Book the Seventh, in order for him to escape the Village of Fowl Devotees. It was secretly hidden in his barn.

After Violet Baudelaire helped him with the finishing touches, Hector offered to help the Baudelaires evade Count Olaf and enjoy a safe life in the sky. However, Olaf and Esmé stopped the Baudelaires from boarding, and caused damage to the vehicle by harpooning it. Hector and Duncan and Isadora Quagmire managed to launch the home and escape from the village.[1]

The home was later destroyed when it crashed into the Queequeg after suffering damage from the V.F.D. Eagles.[source needed]



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