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Beverly, Elliott and Chabo.


Chabo the Wolf Baby.

The Baudelaire orphans disguised themselves as freaks when they snuck into Caligari Carnival.

They decided to use some of Count Olaf's disguises so they wouldn't be recognized. Violet and Klaus Baudelaire disguised themselves as a two-headed person. Violet gave her name as Beverly and Klaus pretended to be named Elliott. As Voice Fakery Disguises, Violet spoke in a low voice and Klaus spoke in a high voice. Violet also removed her hair ribbon and Klaus removed his glasses, making him squint. They used talcum powder to whiten their hair.

Sunny Baudelaire dressed up as Chabo the Wolf Baby. Violet made up a story to go along with this disguise about a woman falling in love with a handsome wolf, and Sunny being their "poor" child, Chabo. Sunny was disguised in one of Olaf's fake beards, which wrapped all the way around her and disguised her as a "Wolf Baby".[1]

They lived with Colette the Contortionist, Hugo the Hunchback, and Kevin the Ambidextrous man, in the "freak wagon' and participated in the daily freak show. Beverly and Elliott's act was them trying to eat an ear of corn and have difficulty doing so.