The Beatrice in The Penultimate Peril

For other uses of the name Beatrice, see: Beatrice.

The Beatrice has a long history and it has gone by other names.


It was originally built by Bertrand Baudelaire, as stated by Beatrice Baudelaire in A Series of Unfortunate Events. Bertrand and Beatrice used it to get off of the Island.

At some point, it was stolen by Count Olaf. He renamed it the Count Olaf.

After Count Olaf and Esmé Squalor "adopted" Carmelita Spats, the name was changed again. Now the boat was renamed Carmelita.

When Violet, Klaus, Sunny, and Olaf are stranded at sea after the fire at the Hotel Denouement, Olaf rips off the duct tape reading the Carmelita. The Carmelita became Count Olaf again.[1]

The boat and its passengers washed up on the Island where the ship was sent to the arberidum and repaired later. When the Baudelaires decide to leave the Island with Beatrice Snicket, they ripped the duct tape off revealing the real name of the ship. The name of their mother and their adopted daughter. It was used when the Baudelaires and Beatrice Snicket left the Island.[1]

In The Beatrice Letters, it was said to have sank separating the Baudelaires and Beatrice.[2]




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