The Composer Is Dead
Book Information

Lemony Snicket


Carson Ellis




March 1, 2008







The Composer Is Dead is a picture book mystery, written by Lemony Snicket and illustrated by Carson Ellis, with music by Nathaniel Stookey. It was released as both a musical recording, and a book with a CD insert of a live performance of a Lemony Snicket concert. The book was written to introduce children to instruments.

Plot Summary

There's dreadful news from the symphony hall—the composer is dead! If you have ever heard an orchestra play, then you know that musicians are most certainly guilty of something. Where exactly were the violins on the night in question? Did anyone see the harp? Is the trumpet protesting a bit too boisterously?

In this perplexing murder mystery, everyone seems to have a motive, everyone has an alibi, and nearly everyone is a musical instrument. But the composer is still dead.

Perhaps you can solve the crime yourself. Join the Inspector as he interrogates all the unusual suspects. Then listen to the accompanying audio recording featuring Lemony Snicket and the music of Nathaniel Stookey performed by the San Francisco Symphony. Hear for yourself exactly what took place on that fateful, well-orchestrated evening.

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